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  1. =O! Just checked the SOTW poll, you're winning ^_^. That means I shall kill you *muhahaha* nah I'm messing! How is your design working out?

    *gets back to work* >_>
  2. Yassy ^_^
    Okay, I understand. Tell me about your work later, whenever you're free ^_^
    Thanks for the link! -glomps- Kekeke xDD

    See ya
  3. Hey Rave~

    Sorry hun I'm kinda busy atm (points at her workplace). I'm an intern at a design company, and I'm working fulltime. I just happen to leave my AO on so I can check it so now and then (whenever I don't feel like working or I'm bored).

    But if you want to have some inspiration check out:
    Masters of designs have their portfolio's on there. It keeps me motivated when I look at them =3. Anyway >_< need to get back to work *cries* I don't feel like it today.

    Will reply on your messages later! ENJOY~
  4. Heyyy could you please give me the links to some of the works by the great designers you talked about? ^_^
    I have ideas and I can't put it to an image. T_T uweeee
  5. Yayyy! Big ass mushies~ XD -eats 'em-
    Wow, that's cool. I'm a bit curious: isn't Netherlands a bit far away from Vietnam? ^_^ I live in Australia by the way. And you're bigger as in height wise?

    Three languages ... awesome. J'ai faim de loup Kekeke xD
    Oh come on, it's not like king kong and a brick did you any good, haha. I'd rather recieve a hug than ass kicking =D

    The pic? I need more ideas, but don't worry, a creative mind never rests! Although it can become a problem after a while n_n I have great ideas in my head but I only use Photoshop and I'm exactly a pro at it ^_^;

    After graduation we have our final exams. After that we a a formal, a bit like prom. Now I'm having 3-4 months holidays Then, hopefully, University. I'm going to do same course as you if they pay well here.

    And no, I am anything but weedy relaxation ... maybse something better

    And stop running it's not like I'm going to eat you, a sweet flower! ^_^
  6. *throws big ass mushies at you*

    Well no I'm not Chinese, I'm actually Vietnamese, but I feel home in chinatown because they have the same hair color and I just feel comfy around them! The only difference is that I'm much bigger then them, but still I feel home XD.

    I speak erhh.. let me think: Dutch, English, Vietnamese and I can understand a little bit of German and French. So basically 3 languages fluently ^_^. I don't do martial arts, though I'd love to! XD I'd kick your ass for throwing stuff at me <_<.

    I saw the problem with the profile thing, thought it was kinda weird. Looks pretty good btw, the image that you showed me, but it's still kinda "empty" or something. Feels like it's still missing something... but the rest is like mad skills showing .

    Congratz on your graduation! Aren't you supposed to go to College now or sumtin?

    Hmmm your name is just like.... I mean only the Rave part is kinda like..... Relaxing, TOO relaxing, like I'm smoking weed kinda flow XD.

    Wuah! I commented on your latest sig hehe. Something went wrong though so I doubled it, aah wells!

    *Keeps running~ O_O*
  7. Keep running you little flower xD -ebil laugh-

    There is a China Town in Netherlands? WOW! Hmm, you're Chinese? How many languages do you speak? Do you do martial arts? Haha, it's like truth or dare ...

    Oh and there is a problem with "My profile" thingy, it's broken. Sorry, I just found out. Here, a link, I'm still trying though:
    Yes, there is a program. My friend is a great graphic designer. I'll ask him for help.
    I miss school. I graduated >__< ^_^; I should be happy but eh ..

    My name? I was reading a manga called "Rave" or "Rave Master" and listening to InuYasha's song named "Grip", I think. Thus, Rave_Grip xD And what kinda flow?

    -eats the coins- Got mushrooms?

    LOL, no I don't feel lonely at all, I just walk in China Town and I feel right at home again XD.

    C4D huh? Never tried stuff like that before, maybe I should... I don't really know how to create something like that. There must be a program for it or something. It looks good though, but I hardly use depth like objects because it's not really my style. But, it's worth trying, just to know how it looks .

    Most people call me Yassy though, or Yas.. it's easier. I sound like a flower XD, that's because my name is a kind of a flower. Rave sounds like a nice "flowing" feeling to me XD. Where the hell did you get that name from anyway? O_O

    *Get's tired of running, throws Mario coins at you!*
  9. Kekekeke -throws a brick at you- XD

    Try GIMP! It's free and it's almost like Photoshop, in my opinion. Great for beginer artists. I think the website is ...
    I wish Foool was back! I miisss him, he's so great =[ Currently I'm working on a C4D wallpaper. I need some ideas, though.

    As for the old profiles, visit your profile and at the top there will be a bold link saying "My Profile" or something. Click it. Maybe that's what you meant?

    And omg, you're Asian living in Netherlands? O_o How'd that happen? Don't you feel lonely there? xD Yasmine sounds like a sweet flower. Mmmmm ...
  10. *runs for King Kong o_O*

    I never tried GIMP before, I'm really only familiar with the Adobe package XD. But I might wanna check it out to see what it's like and stuff.

    You should keep working too! XD The people you are competing to are also my rivals (in a friendly way). What happend to Sasu? Fooligar seems dead, dunno where he went. Sazzy is becomming better and better too . The rest is very very good, at least I think they have their own styles and they are just as passionate as we are .

    What happened to our old profiles anyway? I was gone for like half a year and I came back and my profile is like lost <_<. whyyyy~

    I'm dutch, which means I'm from the Netherlands! That's right baby, Amsterdam our capital of WEED <3 *laughs*. I'm guessing you're american-ish XD. Even though I was born here and I live here, I'm asian though, so don't look up if you find a picture of me without blond hair .

    I like making new sigs whenever I got the time to, I discover a lot of new stuff when I mess up (~o_O)~
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