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  1. xD but the currency here is pretty low... better not

    hmm... comics huh... not an easy life in that bussiness i hear... you fully prepared with it?
  2. Dude! My mom and I should go and be teachers where you live! LOL!

    I feel the same way about school though. It's all I really wanna do and all I'm really interested in doing professionally (for the remainder of my life). I don't really see myself in a cubicle for the rest of my years, y'know? I'm thinking of just starting my own graphics business--or maybe just stick with makin' comics.
  3. Really? >.< sucks dude... Here teachers get different way of respect and they get quite a paycheck too.. not to mention all the freebies from the goverment... lol ^^

    Hmm... i hope i could get a good job.. lol ^^ im kinda worried about it still.. but i don't have other choice now... it's the only course im interested in.. >.<
  4. Nice! Art is the way to go, in my opinion. It's supposedly a competitive field--depending on the job you're goin' for. Like graphic art or comic books and animation. But, I hear it pays well. ^_^ My mom thinks I should be an art teacher, but teachers don't get paid sh*t here.
  5. xD same man.. im getting graphic designing... >.< plastic? There's no such course here and im very interested with stuffs that have to do with pcs and photography.. and art ^^
  6. College, eh?

    Where do you hope to attend? What do you plan on studying? I was considering going for graphic design, but my mom got me thinking I may go and study plastics. So, now I dunno what I wanna do. People make lots of money in the plastic industry--maybe I can even make my own toys, LOL.
  7. Yo! lol ^^ sure has been a long time.. me? Nothing much.. lol just how my life been going ^^ and that im trying to get into a college.. o.o
  8. Hey, how's it goin' Ray? Long time, no speak. What's new with you? ^_^
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