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  1. kool... i think im gonna see that movie this weekend... but im not so sure depends if i have the time... so what have you been up to anything new with you?
  2. well.. just went to watch movies with friends.. loved the new movie, Battle : Los Angeles :3 fun indeed
  3. is that so... well guess im gonna have to save the money and buy it for my self... so what have you been up to anything new with you?
  4. its awesome but bad gameplay... as usual, i only play it to know the story... xD
  5. kool RE5 is an awesome game... but i played it on the PS3... beat it like 5 times to unlock everything... so mind if i ask if anything is new with you? other then me taking care of my partents house im pretty much doing nothing but gaming... well hope things are going well for you ray till out next chat take care
  6. How lovely.. I only have a laptop xD with enough gaming specs for resident evil 5...
  7. hey sorry on the late reply been busy with my game.. other then that hows it going with you anything new with you? as for KH3 im pretty sure its only for the PSP and not the PS3... and the gameplay looks awesome from what ive seen...
  8. the third one seem to have awesome graphics... but its ok PS3 right >.<" I wonder what's the gameplay is like...
  9. yup.. storyline was awesome... and i partly agree with you on the gameplay but over all i still love the game...
  10. i played kingdom hearts 2.. lol gameplay sucked, but i love the storyline ^^
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