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  1. kool and thanks... sorry about the late reply been busy with this game called WARFLOW... its an online game... but i feel bad for you since you havent played any of those games... when you get the chance i recommend you play kindgom hearts first... thats my favorite game out of all of mind if i ask anything new with you? well hope ur doing alright i got to go but take care and have a nice day laterz Ray
  2. you can drop by anytime you like.. I don't mind :3

    I do play quite some games :3 but all those games you played are the ones I wanna play T.T I don't have the console and lately the time to play games
  3. well I'll watch or read just about anything so long as its got a good storyline and other things that just catch my intrest i guess... im not to picky about what i watch or read... mind if i ask if you'r a gamer? if so what games do you like to play? i myself like shooter games like halo, army of two, gears of war, i also like kingdom hearts games... ive played all of them excpet birth by sleep im gonna get that game soon... sorry for the chatting ill stop here.. well see you around Ray and have a nice day.. laterz
  4. Almost anything and I avoid shounen animes that are too childish... also Yaoi's... i still can tolerate BL's... but no Yaoi scenes..

  5. lol i feel better now knowing that... so mind if i ask what kind of anime are you into?
  6. xD I only eat girls.. so don't worry :3 Muahahaaa~ :3
  7. the formality cuz i was raised that way... but yea you say you might not eat me... but how do i know that... lol... nice meeting you ray well i got to run but if you like hit me up anytime i dont mind that is if you want to... well see you around take care and have a nice day...
  8. Lol why the formality and the shy shy likeness :3 xP don't worry i wont eat ya
  9. ummm.. i dont think we personally met.. but nice to meet you...
  10. *rolls around* lalalalala~ o.o hmm... you are still here?
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