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  1. Omg! I am so happy I got back with Zach! hehe I'm so so happy I can't stop smiling.
  2. What makes you think I'm one of the most? I know I can be easily seduced but I am not letting every girl seduce me of course :3

    o.o you really have no other things to do right after a break up do u... *ish scratching head*
  3. Most guys are very willing as I have seen so far. :P *smiles* yes I don't know but Have a good idea you might be like all the rest lol.

    Well that's good to know then. *smiles*
    *starts poking you* :P
  4. The willing? how would you know i'd let you have sex with me or not xD

    >.< ahh lol its just that i don't hurt women physically :3
  5. o.o Again! O.o lol *still on top on you* oh I was just bored wanted to do something random >.> *smiles* Can't rape the willing and I could never do that XD

    Well ^^ this weekend I am going camping and one of my friends might tag along. ^^
  6. o.o why are u on top of me... *ish scared* i don't wanna get raped again @.@

    whats on this weekend? ^^
  7. hehe just being random and silly I guess *sits on top of you and pokes your nose* Sounds like fun! I can't wait till this weekend!
  8. eeeep! whats that for :3 silly *pokes* Lol aww.. I am probably going to play games with my pals
  9. um okay XD *tackles you* I am so freaken bored! XD
  10. Its ... 12 am... basically... its the end of the day missy... lol all i have in store is to reply to messages on9 on my facebook and forums... then shower and sleep... xD wrong timing really
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