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  1. Awe I am sorry to hear that you never really answered me XD
    So any plans for today?.?
  2. [COLOR="Cyan"]Not that I don't want a white girl silly... its that white girls live too far.. I had an on9 relationship before.. ended up as hell and I am still not feeling so good about it xD [

    And i love white girls.. xD
  3. Only white girls are attracted to you so your black?
    v.v that is sad though I feel so bad for you....
  4. Ahh i see.. ^^ good for you then... I don't think I should do another on9 relationship though... because only white girls are attracted to me.. and they live too far.. I flew all the way to UK last year just to get dumped.. how nice eh? lol
  5. Well I have done online dating before and meet them in person and they always seem the same as they were when talking to me. ^^
  6. Really? what would you feel when you meet someone and you find that person different than the person you've been talking to?
  7. I broke up with him and I haven't felt this good in so long this really helped me see how big of a jerk he truly was ^_^ and now I am free of him!

    I am not I am going to enjoy being single for a bit ^^ I like online dating then aything really I think it is better.
  8. Find someone? I don't think I should do so anymore.. I don't wanna rely on online relationship anymore.. ^^ I believe in myself in being sincere in my relationship on9 but I can't trust any other girls anymore.. so eff that xD
  9. Yeah, Its pretty good on here some stuff drive me nuts thou XD
    There a lot of good ppl on here so you'll be able to fine someone.
    Omg I can't wait to get out and hangout with a friend and so can't wait till this weekend!
  10. thats nice to hear :3 ^^ I was on this place for a loooong time.. lol.. met both of my ex's here >.<" I wonder why I came back anyways... lol despite how this place look like its dying.. I am still back here =.= lol maybe i'm desperate for a new gf... xD ehh..
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