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  1. Yeah, I do everyone I know on here are really nice and good friends. ^_^
  2. :3 ahh you seem to have lots of friends here ^^ you enjoy it here in AO?
  3. Not really I spend time with my girl friends most of all the time.
  4. Gee suspecting you're bf is ur daily routine? That aint healthy yo xD u'd get old quick :3
  5. XD I know that you ask what I was up to well that's it lol.
  6. wow.. o.O why are u telling me that i can't help you know lol
  7. Well right now me and my bf are taking a brake till Friday and knowing him i think he just might take a chance to cheat on me....
  8. :3 yea~ I see ^^

    well i'm over my pal's house now :3 far away from where i was yesterday

    What chu up to :3
  9. Yeah I know XD she asked me if I was dating that dude and I am so not he isn't my type and not even cute just a friend I didn't mind her asking anyone can ask me anything I am pretty open. ^^

    Awe cool sounds wonderful! ^_^
    Its okay were kinda looking past it and talking things out...
  10. *coughs* my my esha.. poking around people's bussiness :3

    I live in malaysia.. now in shah alam.. but will be going for a 3 day stay over at my friend's house in Terengganu... a lovely place

    Aww... sorry about ur bf...
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