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  1. well hey I g2g I'll be back on in 25min gota go to class ^^
  2. Yeah I do I am taking my bf ^^ that is if he keeps being an ass and jerk then I am so just taking one of my girls and just might dump him but its been okay so far.

    So where you live at? Where are ya travling to????
  3. uuu thats pretty close :3 got a date yet?

    Me? Finishing my last assignments for this semester.. then its semester break for a week.. going for 5 hours ride away from where i am now.. to my friend's house... never been to that state.. am gonna have fun with him there for 3 days... :3
  4. Haha awesome yeah I know XD I graduate may 29th! hehe I can't wait and prom in april 30th I really can't wait for that hehe. So what chu doin this weekend?.?
  5. Well sure ^^ take care and cya later then~ and don't be a fool.. stay in school~ :3 *a quote from the movie Van Wilder* xD
  6. Hehe yeah well hey I g2g to class but I will talk to you more tomorrow it was nice meeting you ray.
  7. Beyblade eh.. I avoid watching too much shounen type of animes xD I wanna be like Ray in GunxSword.. *drools* Long blonde hair @.@
  8. o.o wow really it kinda looked like sasuke.... v.v sorrys... but cool!
    Its very nice to meet you ray that remind me the charters name ray off beyblaed I miss that show..
    Awesome! Sounds good. ^^ So hows your day so far?.?
  9. Aww.. nope :3 its Haseo ^^ from .Hack//G.U :3 His first form for rogue class..

    Ahh Jenny ^^ Hi there.. I'm Ray

    Friends? ^^ Looking forward to that
  10. Hey RayMe, I'm Jenny ^^ how are you today? I like your profile pic u drawl it?.? Its of sasuke right? I love him! XD any ways I hope we can be friends.
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