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  1. A little?? Just a little?? >.< im so sad.. T.T at least someone misses me
  2. what? me miss you... haha you have got to be kidding mmm well okay maybe i did miss you a little
  3. Hey! long time no see how you been? Missed me?
  4. Hey rayme,
    a friend i haven't seen.
    I have come to greet thee,
    with a smilie or three.

    I thought i'd come by and drop you a comment
  5. Yea i know, but what can i do? sheesh >.< sad thing really...
  6. mmm... Well that's sux for her not having fun. Maybe next time she will have more fun. :P
  7. Froim what he says, it was fun ^^ but my gf did not have fun as much as it was before she said,... poor gal... all alone in a big city >.< if only i could be near her...
  8. lol I had fun, so i bet your friend did too. :P ...
  9. Lol mhm yes i did

    Halloween huh ^^ i remember helping a friend to buy him some accessories for his costumes... I never experienced it... so i wonder how fun it is... ^^
  10. XD it's okay. At least you replied tehe ^^ I'm doing well. Can't wait for halloween. I get to dress up and take some kids trick or treating ^^ haven't got to dress up in a long time. :P
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