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  1. as i thought .... and how is i am ummm lets see i am good we can't say that and i am happy that you are not mad from me ... uhm ... ok then ummm aha so did you meet lich or yet ... i haven't talk with him lately so i don't know the new news ...=^_^=
  2. Ahahaha ^^ its hard to make me mad... but gee.. oh well ^^ how are ya?
  3. *happy* ... i know i know you can't get made on me ... =^_^=
  4. xD why would i be mad? ^^ Im a calm person.. not easy to make me mad... ^^
  5. Ray T_T ... are you mad from me .... WWAAAA i am very sorry if i said something bothering you .. i am not going to take your sheesh ... @_@ .. =^_^=
  6. hhahahahaaaaaa sheesh mean a stick from iron for meat ( you enter the stick in the meat and then you put it on fire for grill it) .... you understand what i mean right .... and then it is right , you like this sheesh ... =^_^=
  7. xD i see sheesh.. what does it mean btw? ^^

    Annoy me? gee.. got me there
  8. hahhahahaaaaaa do you know what sheesh mean in Arabic .... but that is not the reason i want to have your sheesh ahahaaa i don't want to have it really i just want to know how much you like it and you REALLY LIKE IT and for annoying you ....=^_^=
  9. Right.. now that i rememember.. o.O He did stole my sheesh... AHHH!!! @.@ Oh well you can have it i guess.. i still have many of my own quotes hehe..

    But why u want to have it.. o.O sheesh...
  10. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that is ok i am not going to steel it from you i am going to steel it from LichGriffin .... sheesh .... he is not going to to say no to me (i think) .... so don't tell him .... =^_^=
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