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  1. because.. that would mean im in hell and it's heavenly! that i dont
  2. Why in the hell would you even think i would be near you when you wake up ?
  3. Well I feel heavenly.. and proof enough for it would be.. i wont have to wake up seeing u.. xD
  4. You only think its heaven lol
  5. That won't explain why im in heaven.. o.O i must be dead to at least be in heaven
  6. That's not "really killing you .
  7. xD she did ... she killed me with smothering love~ Im in lover's heaven..
  8. Laura hasn't killed you yet ? o.O
  9. That's exactly what a noob would say! o.o Holy crap.. you confirmed my suspicion!
  10. Lol, Don't make me hurt you
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