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  1. ahh i see *smothers* but i think you are shoppin still muahahaha!
  2. I wasn't shopping you cute silly *hugs tight* Tuesdays I have to stay in school late... *snuggle* Lala miss Ray ^^
  3. *dancing around* *sighs* wheres my cutie gone to? ~.~ Probably shoppin again.. yea..
  4. silly *buca hard* *apskaviens* ti amo! aishiteru yo! piemiligi
  5. Don't lie I can just say "cumbuan" and "dakap" and "cium"... hmmm... *cumbuan, dakap tight, cium*
  6. *tickles* silly *buca hard* you are quite good already ^^
  7. *giggles* *cumbuan* :P I'm trying to use malay, but I have a really short memory you know ^^
  8. Yea yea cutie *pokes u*

    Sheesh now u using malay too arr? piemiligi little gal.. *tickles*
  9. *giggles* I wuv you tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dakap tight*

    And thank you Ur cute too in your rain pic and your by the beach pic and and... many many pics
  10. Watermelon piccy!!! CUTE! WUV YAAA!!!! (stupid 50 character rule.. )
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