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  1. Hi ,long time no chat ,i really hoped that i would meet you but i didn't come alnoe to Penang (obliged) and that's why i couldn't but i hope soon.
  2. Think you're victorious? absolutely mistaken! ... now is the time for the real battle!!
  3. Hahaha.. your the low ranked one silly Im mightier than you are.. and even the highest skill of yours can only.. hmm.. make me sneeze? I can obliterate you with no hard work...
  4. I'm a soulless creature ,i'm an undead .. if those means have no effect ,then it seems i need to move a finger to use the the lowest dark magic spell to end your existence!
  5. O.o you forgot? There are no easy means to kill a demon.. especially as low ranked as you are.. it felt like tickles.. though the fire really remind me of the sauna we have back there... tentalizing.. but those hot rocks were nicer... almost gone over my skin... if i put it on you.. you'd melt..
  6. then i'll deal with you the appropriate way!

  7. Well then.. to find the truth is your mission.. hide is mine i aint telling kachi!
  8. such mere excuses won't hide the truth forever ,behold the answer for defying me!
  9. Not really ^^ its so secret that you wont even now and yet it so obvious that everyone can know... even if i tell there'd be no use..
  10. I see ,so you're using this excuse to hide the disgrace of even mentioning the world the demon you is from?
    got you! it's my victory! lol ;p
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