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  1. Yup.. demons as low ranked as you won't know where i am from..
  2. Unknown? O.o
  3. AHh... netherland.. Kowaii~

    Well im from the unknown
  4. HA! i'm a demon and from the netherworld to add to it ,muahahaahh
  5. Kuah kuah kuah kuah xD :laughing hard: i know that is why.. im a demon... akuma desho akuma des!!!
  6. AHHH!!!!! *received a shot in the heart*
    then revived damn it you completely fooled me with the first sentence i even wrote my first line before reading the complement lol
    you evil sheesh!
  7. xD yea right.. i don't have one

    ^^ i have... 3 little sisters and one little brother..
  8. o.o uh? do i?!! lol J/K you talked with Frozen Rose already lol ... wait a secyou didn't mention you had one either!! lol
  9. Ahh gee... thats a sad thing there...

    and u never mentioned u have a lil sister -.-
  10. somebody is giving me the creeps here ;p
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