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  1.'s a lot more annoying then having people sending wrong messages sorry
  2. wahahah.. i hate u! ahahaha...

    (the message says it too short to post ahaha.. ampf!)
  3. Why would anyone comment on their own page? >.< or maybe.. you kept thinking of her.. o.O *stares intently over you for answers* huh???! come on... admit it!
  4. waaaaaaaaa my mistake ahahah..
    honest mistake RayMe.. its just that the previous message you have is Renn
    ahahaha.. stupid me, i apologize..

    peace V(^_^)V

    thank you again.
  5. Im not renn.. o.o sheesh

    U on drugs my friend? tsk tsk tsk
  6. thank you accepting my friend invite renn..
    glad to have you on my list hihihi..
    im not that active but expect me to keep checking
    once in a while.. see you around.. ^_^
  7. Lol gwen :P

    Second that motion!! woot woot!!! i love fresh stuffs o.o

    Oh hi there... thx for the add~ ^^
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