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  1. Lol.. i never have celebrated halloween.. lol it's not that "hot" in my country.. xD Oh.. long time no see.. sorry for the late reply ^^
  2. Whatcha going to be for Hallow's Eve? Do you c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e?
  3. RayMe are you always in the Journals or what?

    All up in those things, getting new ideas for threads.
  4. I will always lurk around the darkest deepest pits of AO~ uuuuu~ muahahaha~ xD
  5. o_o Rayme. Are you still around? It's been a while since you've login.
  6. Ahh.. i see...

    Lol ^^


    Maybe I try making out as much "unique" threads I could... but they aint that good >.< i hope im a good host in my threads.. lol
  7. No no RayMe. Never did he bad mouth you to I. I just figured. You knew him; him and I hadn't talked in awhile.. ANOTHER STORY! You guys always seemed to talk, a such. You understand no?

    No matter. Once again

    I guess I've been in your threads more then I thought eh?

    I know what you mean about those memories, but those people, and memories for me are gone with them. ;D It was fun times, but I tend to look for the future &&-- Somewhat the present. ;D Those days aren't coming back.
  8. Ahh... him... bad mouthing me from my back huh? ehh what ever.. lol ^^

    I seem interesting? I think i look more like a cuckoo... o.o

    Yes i have ^^ i always take time reading people's post especially on my thread lol
    extra attention to that...

    AO hold lots of memory for me already.. might take a looong while before i would leave it.. ^^
  9. No RayMe.

    You have always appeared somewhat interesting; it's just I knew Rave, you knew Rave. You understand what I am attempting to say no?

    No matter;

    AO is never boring to I, since I stop living here a year ago. I still love this place thou. It's just I am not 16 anymore, but it still doesn't stop me when I have nothing to do. I just login.

    Second: You noticed me too eh?
  10. Finally o.o xD sorry for the late reply.. been away from this site for a bit

    Lol ^^ I know.. i noticed you around the forum
    What made you this choice? AO's getting boring?
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