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  1. hahaha... yea.. lots of times actually.. you see.. my time zone here is different from America.. and since most users are from there.. so i always end up Alone.. but its getting better these days... actually.. but its getting too slow to have much fun or too lonely still...

    I still remember those days when there is not one person on... and i would post like mad!!
  2. Things have been awfully quiet around here... Especially these days. Has there been a time when you were the only person online here, Ray?
  3. Would it be fine if I asked you to tell me the "legend of the AO clans"? LOL XD
  4. Mhm.. ^^ exactly... this country is not that too...prosperous yet.. still building slowly ^^

    Ahh that? Well.. AO used to have clans before.. and i was in the top clan here called. Legion Ketsueki... a totally fun clan until recently...last year i think... all clans were banned ^^
  5. Right. Although I don't think the change's rather drastic... Kinda related fields, if you ask me, but still a change is a change. So what's this "Legion Ketsueki" I've been seeing in your signatures?
  6. lol well kinda.. the right word for it.. is..a little too soft? Though the new economy structure he presented.. trying to make malaysia a biotechnology country is smart but then again... all the preparation made by the former PM was to make this country an ICT country so... i would say.. this sudden economic structure is,.. kinda not appropriate for the moment you know.. lol ^^
  7. The current PM of Malaysia? Too weak, you say? Why's that?
  8. Hmmm lets see... I dont know if he ever did anything for my state.. but from what i hear from the "adults" and teachers... he is not that good.. and they are rooting on this new mayor to see if he can do better...

    Not to mention the oil price getting higher... making every single thing in market and places, especially food... are on... what we call... hmm... inflation yes.. inflation

    The old prime minister is urging the new one to pull back and put down his position for he says he is not suited for the job.. well most people does say he is a bit too weak for a prime minister.. sheesh
  9. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't, eh? What was the last mayor like? Was he any good?
  10. Mhm.. that's everyone's view in the political matter here.. no suprise since most of the states are under different party after the last election.. even our mayor has changed.. i don't even know him and suddenly coming to me with a big winner's grin shaking my hands tightly

    I was like.. who the **** is this ****tard.. o.O
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