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  1. Renny I gtg... my back needs the rest after staying up all night till 2 pm >.< going home for some rest and shower cya later!
  2. xD silly... i'll talk to her don't you have facebook or sumthing? should add her in there..

    Newbies here sure are making a mess o.o
  3. *pokes* Boo!!! You have to gett on more!!! You and Laura!! Cause I miss you both terribley. I have empties the void somewhat with new friend,though. XD
  4. Probably.. but i might be busy with college as well... see first ^^ i would be mostly in online games

    Sure will do that ^^
  5. Yay!!! Does that mean you'll be on more??? Oh and tell Laura I said hi when you talk to her next time. That and I miss her dearly!!!
  6. Ahh i see ^^ well i just don't have anything to do while being on... she is busy with her RPG games.. Rappelz... I will join her when I get my Laptop..
  7. pats* Sorry to hear that Ray-kun. I'm great actually. I was sick all day and I'm finally ale to get on!!! XD

    You seem to be getting on more. I wish Laura was...>.<
  8. Lol renny.. whats up? ^^ *stretches* god im so tired >.< going home soon....
  9. *pokes* :P
  10. hehehe Laura is busy playing her RPG game called Rappelz.. barely have time for me too *is exagerrating* How sad..
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