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  1. LOL!XD

    Well it's too bad about the story, but I won't lie and say that i'm unhappy about you losing the porn.xD

    You NEED a SERIOUS detox.
  2. *shocked*:O

    How did your cousin do that, and when did THIS happen?
  3. But why?
  4. I'm so not sorry :3
  5. You do now :3
  6. Because of your affro...yeah your affro
  7. That's pretty cool, since i'm not part French myself, at least not that i know of.
    Oh no!O_O *runs away*
    Well what if the kids don't learn too little, but they don't learn alot either?o.O

    Okay well I was wondering if you would prefer chatting somewhere else, since this takes forever.:/
    I have a Yahoo, and MSN accounts, and I have Skype, so would you like to go somewhere else?
  8. Are you really French?
    Lol, I get confused all the time, so it's natural.
    You're really planning on killing me? *looks behind me*
    Yes it does^^
    Yeah i heard the same thing, and that's because only the rich can afford a can afford a private tutor for their kids, so they're willing to pay as much as you want them to pay, so milk them good!

    Hey Rebecca, do you happen to have an email account or Skype by any chance?
  9. That is SO true, they never know what it's like to have to remember a whole new set of names not only of students, but of teachers too. Not only that but you also have to learn how things are done at that school that probably weren't the done that way at your old school.:/ LOL! At first I thought that you were serious when you said that!XD But i'm glad that you didn't actualy kill anyone, because I would be afraid to be friends with a blood thirsty killer, especially one who's a girl.

    Wow you don't wear makeup? I think that's great because every girl I meet no matter how old she is wears makeup, and I think that just takes away from from her own natural beauty, while creating a false beauty, so congrats for not being sucked into that mire of insanity.

    Kids can be so cruel, so maybe you should just see if you can take a job as a private tutor, than you can teach one kid at a time, and you can choose which kid you want to teach, and which you want to kick to the curb.xD
  10. Oh I know what you mean, before I graduated from school I had been to 5 different schools, so I know the feeling.:/ But it's just preparing you for life outside of school because it's pretty much the same thing, but without the teachers around to stop, anything bad from happening. Haha, i'm the same exact way, if I can't read someone's reply to me while i'm replying to them, I won't remember what to reply to even if I read their reply just seconds beforehand. Terrible with relationships? Did you kill your last boyfriends?o.O

    It's like that for me too, but it's just that most girls don't like me, and it's not because i'm not a nice guy, it's about looks.:/ Heck, most girls i've met won't even be friends with a guys if he's not good looking, so i've given it up.

    haha, yep, kids hate substitutes more than they do their actual teachers, so maybe you should try a private school, because public schools are a nightmare.
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Um... hello. My name is Rebecca. I'm kinda a shy person... but if you get me talking about anime... it'll probably never end. :D I hope you guys like me. I'm not really a hard person to get along with... Oh. My favorite anime is Gakuen Alice and I'm currently watching Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.
writing, Anime, Manga, Japanese Culture, Decora, Lolita, Goth, Rabbits, art, music, clarinet
Just a school student.
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