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  1. What happened after you moved there? O.O

    Oh all of the speed, strength, and the ability to even remember what I did the previous day, went away.:/

    Okay, hehe I got you. I'm sure that you'll have all of those things INCLUDING the love life.
  2. That's great^^ and LOL!XD

    I guess it happens sometimes, so don't sweat it.:P
    15 was a good age for me, 16 was better because I was at my prime! I was stronger, faster, smarter, and in every way better than I was before, but then I turned 17 and it was downhill from there:/
    So enjoy it while it last.

    Hard work? Do you mean school, or do you mean life in general, or something else?
  3. Yes I do know, and that's the spirit!

    Hey maybe if you're going to be sick for awhile, it'll keep your mind off of the solo, and when the day of the solo comes around, you'll feel better.^^

    So how old are you Rebecca? And if you don't want to tell me out here in the open, you can always tell me in a private message.
  4. So have you already psych yourself out for this particular solo or are you just not going to even think about it yet?

    That's too bad, i really wish that I could do something for you. :/

    I just hope that it passes soon, so that you can get back to feeling like your normal self.^^
  5. That's the right attitude to have, because if you're too worried about getting something than you'll psych yourself out before you even get it, and then that's when the mistakes come along.
    But since you're just going witht he flow, you should be alright.

    So how are you on this lovely morning, feeling any better?
  6. Haha I know what you mean, now Werewolves are where the real power lies at, because they're truly alive and they have a keener sense of smell.
    Oh I know that you can do it, i'm sure your charm could convince almost anyone to join.
    It's still something so you shouldn't make it sound so insignificant.

    Sorry again, but I have to get some sleep tonight, so i'll be back tomorrow, see ya *hugs* bye
  7. Technically you could be a Vampire and not even know it, so maybe that's the REAL reason why you've been feeling sick, because you're going through the change.xD
    Maybe you could hold auditions for band members.

    Oh that's so cool, and now you get t be the 1st clarinet a year ahead of time, so that's quite the accomplishment.
  8. Lol, or "undead"?xD

    Well you won't know until you try, so maybe you ARE awesome enough to have your own band.
    So how long have you been in the band?
  9. You can't have a cold if you're not breathing, so that's your "proof of life".^_^

    Awe, cool!!!<3 Is it for school, or did you just form a band of your own?
  10. XD

    Well at least you did something, and yes, crying counts as something.

    Concert? Solo? What kind of concert is it?
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Um... hello. My name is Rebecca. I'm kinda a shy person... but if you get me talking about anime... it'll probably never end. :D I hope you guys like me. I'm not really a hard person to get along with... Oh. My favorite anime is Gakuen Alice and I'm currently watching Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.
writing, Anime, Manga, Japanese Culture, Decora, Lolita, Goth, Rabbits, art, music, clarinet
Just a school student.
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