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  1. Thank you very much *hugs*

    And I tried herbal teas too for my stomach, and it helped a little, I think it was because of the Ginger in the tea that helped me, so I hope it works for you.

    So what did you do all day?
  2. Yes it was, and yes I am, thanks sis, hehe.^^

    So are you feeling any better since this morning or are you still feeling sick?
  3. Hehe, I got you, and I felt the same way when I woke up this morning.
    Well I hope you feel better soon.^^

    Other than feeling a little sick this morning, I went to work, came back home, showered, changed, and went to the library, left the library, then went to the store, and now i'm home.
  4. Priorities dude Priorities
  5. And i'm back and it's morning now, so how are you doing today my dear?
  6. *digs in deeper* oh yes I can feel it !
  7. *pokes a hole into your skull* so empty!
  8. Hey Rebecca, im sorry that I can't stay up and talk to you tonight, but I have work in the morning, so i'll talk to you later, and as always, it's been fun.^^

    See ya *hugs* goodnight, bye
  9. You have issues kid, get mental help later :3
  10. Hehe, I know what you mean, a person knowing too much about their past present and future is a dangerous thing, and knowing about other people's future is s nightmare.O.O
    I admit that you do seem to know something, which in my book, is much better than knowing nothing, unless you stood by and watched someone take vigilante justice against a bad person, and when the cops ask you who did it, you just say "I don't know nothing".

    LOL!XD You are so funny, but it's okay with me if you "Casually stroll through my messages", and if there's something about me that you would like to know, but it's not in my messages, you can always ask me.

    That's true, and scary games are okay sometimes, but I scare easily.^^
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Um... hello. My name is Rebecca. I'm kinda a shy person... but if you get me talking about anime... it'll probably never end. :D I hope you guys like me. I'm not really a hard person to get along with... Oh. My favorite anime is Gakuen Alice and I'm currently watching Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.
writing, Anime, Manga, Japanese Culture, Decora, Lolita, Goth, Rabbits, art, music, clarinet
Just a school student.
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Gakuen Alice, Kekkaishi, Death Note, D. Gray-Man, Toradora, Shugo Chara, Blood +


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