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  1. Yup a little more than a little too late :3
  2. yes yes yes! i love making new friends! *spins in circles* yaaaaaaaay!
  3. sure you don't wanna sneak under the pillows and snuggle me while I sleep? :3
  4. getting ready for a nice little nap, I'm tired today yaaaaaaaaaaaawn
  5. I basically mixed up yes and no ?
  6. I know but I think that they just want to make sure that you remember it, because every year during summer vacation, half of what they taught you is forgotten by the new school year.:/

    This is true, I just wonder if World War 2 was setting us up for World war 3.O.O

    Haha, well he's your brother so he's suppose to annoy you.
    Well i'm glad that I could enlighten you to another band, and most of their songs are good.

    Hey sorry but I have to go now, it was nice talking to you, and I hope we get a chance to continue tomorrow. See ya *hugs* bye
  7. If you're going to live in a certain country, i guess it's important if you at least know about that country's history too, even if you don't want to.:/

    Yeah, there was tons of stuff that went on during that war, and alot that they never even told us about.^^

    How did your brother ruin Nirvana for you?
    Wow well Stabbing Westward has been around since the year 2000, so i'm surprised!
  8. Well a 9th time couldn't hurt that much, lol.

    But I really wish the History channel could talk about other parts of World War 2 instead of just Hitler and the Nazis, because there were more people fighting then just him.:/

    I don't really have any favorite bands these days, but I did used to listen to alot of Nirvana, and Stabbing Westward.

    So what about you?
  9. Lol, but some people already act like they're brainless monkeys.XD

    Yeah that's true, and I think it's because it's history outside of our country that we're so interested in it. But the truth is the history of other countries is important to our history since alot of our ancestors are from many of those countries.
  10. Me too!xD

    Well when I was younger I hated learning about history, now I practically eat, sleep, and breathe, the History Channel. I've watched most of their specials on World War 2, the Plague, and so many others, I love it.
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