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  1. RIGHT?! Can you imagine, being in a plane in the air, then all of a sudden, you have to get OUT of your plane just to fix it?
  2. Oh that's pretty cool .
  3. Female Russian pilots with really crappy planes that they would have to restart all the time, even when in air. They were used to bomb the Germans.
  4. What are the night witches ?
  5. Of course. My history teacher loves me because of it. But it's a little embarrassing when I mix up some things. Like today, we started going over WWI. And I accidentally talking about the Night Witches. And they are from WWII. OTL
  6. As expected of someone who loves history ~
  7. HELL YEAH! Too bad people think I know so much because I spend my time watching the History channel.... which I do.............. occasionally. O3O
  8. lol well aren't you a bundle of information xD
  9. LOL Band conductor, not directer. :3
  10. YES I DID~ Plus I think my band director told us once. He tends to pop out random German words...
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