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  1. I know this well enough. I tend to worry about everything to the point of now not wanting to do it. There have been so many times I've wanted to do a solo to bring up my seating but when it was almost time to do it, backed out because I was way too worried.

    Oh. Unfortunately no. If anything, just a little worse than yesterday. :I
  2. That's the right attitude to have, because if you're too worried about getting something than you'll psych yourself out before you even get it, and then that's when the mistakes come along.
    But since you're just going witht he flow, you should be alright.

    So how are you on this lovely morning, feeling any better?
  3. Well, I'll always love first... but I'm just not as worried about getting it. I'm super excited about getting it, but I'm not too worried about not getting it.

    Oh. Okay. Good night~ -hugs back- I should probably be getting some sleep as well anyways. Bye bye
  4. Haha I know what you mean, now Werewolves are where the real power lies at, because they're truly alive and they have a keener sense of smell.
    Oh I know that you can do it, i'm sure your charm could convince almost anyone to join.
    It's still something so you shouldn't make it sound so insignificant.

    Sorry again, but I have to get some sleep tonight, so i'll be back tomorrow, see ya *hugs* bye
  5. Pfft. I don't think I want to be a Vampire. I feel they may be a bit... over-loved... They get way too much love.
    Eh.... That sounds like a lot of work. And we would need a conductor. And I'd have to find a place for us all to practice. Then get music for everyone.

    Oh. No. Well, yes. But, I've played first before, but that was middle school. And it wasn't anything hard. And there weren't any solos. So now it's not important for me.
  6. Technically you could be a Vampire and not even know it, so maybe that's the REAL reason why you've been feeling sick, because you're going through the change.xD
    Maybe you could hold auditions for band members.

    Oh that's so cool, and now you get t be the 1st clarinet a year ahead of time, so that's quite the accomplishment.
  7. True. True. Perhaps I am actually undead. A zombie of some sorts.

    I doubt I am. I don't know enough people to form a band. The best I'd get is probably a quartet...
    Um... about 5 years I think. This may be my 6th year. But I'm not entirely sure. I just know I've been playing since 6th grade and have worked extremely hard to get my chair. (I'm supposed to be 2nd clarinet, but there are only four clarinets in our band... and I'm the only 2nd. Our 1st clarinet isn't gonna be here for the concert, which means I have no choice but to play 1st, not that it matter, I'll be playing 1st next year, so it's just like one giant idea as to what I'll be dealing with next year~)
  8. Lol, or "undead"?xD

    Well you won't know until you try, so maybe you ARE awesome enough to have your own band.
    So how long have you been in the band?
  9. This is true. This is very true, lol. Well, people tend to be cold when they die because the blood isn't flowing. Perhaps I'm dead...?

    Pfft. School. I wish I was awesome enough to form my own concert band. That would be so awesome!
  10. You can't have a cold if you're not breathing, so that's your "proof of life".^_^

    Awe, cool!!!<3 Is it for school, or did you just form a band of your own?
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