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  1. Yeah. Talk to you later than. -hugs back- Goodnight~
  2. Hey Rebecca, im sorry that I can't stay up and talk to you tonight, but I have work in the morning, so i'll talk to you later, and as always, it's been fun.^^

    See ya *hugs* goodnight, bye
  3. Hehe, I know what you mean, a person knowing too much about their past present and future is a dangerous thing, and knowing about other people's future is s nightmare.O.O
    I admit that you do seem to know something, which in my book, is much better than knowing nothing, unless you stood by and watched someone take vigilante justice against a bad person, and when the cops ask you who did it, you just say "I don't know nothing".

    LOL!XD You are so funny, but it's okay with me if you "Casually stroll through my messages", and if there's something about me that you would like to know, but it's not in my messages, you can always ask me.

    That's true, and scary games are okay sometimes, but I scare easily.^^
  4. Oh. YES~ Well, it's not like I actually know everything. That would be WAY too much information for one person. Can you imagine? All of a sudden, waking up and you know everything. If and when the world will end, when you will die. I dunno about you, but I'd be terrified!

    I'd totally call it "Casual Strolling Around Like A Boss On Someone Else's Page, But I Am Not Creeping. It's Just A Casual Stroll" or "CSABSPCJCS" For short.

    Well, I don't really play the game, why play something on the internet that you might actually have available? Besides, I spend most of my time playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent because scary games are awesome.
  5. Haha, well are you a "know-it-all"? And just so you know, know-it-alls are the ones that advice those who rule the world, so they're the ones who secretly mold the world.xD

    If you don't call it creeping, what would you call it now?

    That's cool, I usually only come here to play games, and reply to messages, and I might post if I feel like it.
  6. Nah. I don't really do anything. Actually, I usually just sit about. No one ever requires my help. And apparently, as said from a previous friend (this is in her words), I am a "no it al ass hold" As terrible as that really is, I find it absolutely hilarious.

    I think it is. It's possible to creep anywhere as long as no one else knows. But now you know and I can't really calling creeping anymore.

    Ah......... I don't really do much on here. I enjoy playing games, but usually I'm too busy with other things to really pay much attention. :I
  7. Maybe you have done something worthwild and you just haven't realized it yet. You know making a difference in the world doesn't necessarily have to be something big, sometimes it's about the little things and how our contributions affect people, even if it's one person at a time.

    Lol, you "crept"? Is it even possible to "creep" around a public forum, but I get what you meant and it's okay, i'm very glad to meet you too Rebecca.^^

    So have you found anything interesting in the forum so far?
  8. Yeah. I doubt I will. I haven't done anything that could really help... at least nothing that could help YET.

    Ah. I crept around and found that out myself. But it means more to hear from the actual person. It's really nice to meet you, Stan. You are an extremely nice person. I am Rebecca~
  9. Oh yeah, and my real name is Stan, in case I forgot to tell you.
  10. Yeah, well I guess that just goes to show us that people never really appreciate anything or anyone until it's gone.:/

    At least Albert Einstein still gets some recognition, and i'm sure that you'll get the recognition that you deserve someday.xD
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