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  1. OF COURSE~ The world wouldn't have as much technology as it does if it weren't for us wonderful nerds and I believe we deserve a little more credit than what we obtain. (I have never heard anyone thank a dead genius for his hard work for today's society.)
  2. Lol, well you know that we nerds rule the world don't you?
  3. I see.

    Ah. You know, catching up on missing sleep. Practicing my clarinet. And just being a nerd~ <3
  4. That's good and i'm doing okay just getting used to using this new computer and this new internet we got.:/

    So what have you been up to since the last time we spoke?
  5. Oh, hey. Not too bad, and yourself? ^-^
  6. Hello, and how are you doing?
  7. Yeah. YEAH.

    Oh... yeah. Um... Okay. I hope so as well. :3 Bye bye then.
  8. I know but I think that they just want to make sure that you remember it, because every year during summer vacation, half of what they taught you is forgotten by the new school year.:/

    This is true, I just wonder if World War 2 was setting us up for World war 3.O.O

    Haha, well he's your brother so he's suppose to annoy you.
    Well i'm glad that I could enlighten you to another band, and most of their songs are good.

    Hey sorry but I have to go now, it was nice talking to you, and I hope we get a chance to continue tomorrow. See ya *hugs* bye
  9. I want to know it. And I do know it. But they don't have to reteach it every year.

    RIGHT?! It's just so interesting. It's kinda interesting to know that WWI was actually, in the end, a set up for WWII even though they wanted peace!

    ........................... Nonstop, "HEY~ COME LISTEN TO THIS ONE~ SEE HOW AWESOME THIS ONE IS?" It was annoying. Especially since I already knew the songs. OTL
    I've never heard of them.... Not until now.
  10. If you're going to live in a certain country, i guess it's important if you at least know about that country's history too, even if you don't want to.:/

    Yeah, there was tons of stuff that went on during that war, and alot that they never even told us about.^^

    How did your brother ruin Nirvana for you?
    Wow well Stabbing Westward has been around since the year 2000, so i'm surprised!
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