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  1. Wow, that sounds nice.
    So what's a Global History Teacher?

    How else are we going to know about others if we don't read their messages? Besides if it was something that I wouldn't want anyone else to see, I would have just sent it as a private message.^^
  2. OF COURSE~! As soon as I can, I'm going to get a place to live in Georgia and move there. And then, hopefully fill my dream of being a Global History Teacher. <3

    Oh. Okay. OTL I tend to do that a lot, actually....
  3. Well that's good for him, but that leaves you in the cold. Oh well so do you think that you'll ever move back yourself someday, or is there some other place you'd like to go?

    Haha, that's okay, I think everyone reads someone else's post every once in awhile, i don't mind.
  4. Navy. My dad was wanted to move back to NY to be with family... He retired... so now I'm stuck here. :3

    Ah... I crept on your posts, so I know you live in Florida. OTL
  5. Oh sweet, I live in Florida and thanks^^

    So why did you move away?
  6. Yeah. I'm from Georgia.

    Just hold down the space bar before your last word. :3
  7. Oh,so you used to live in a warmer environment?

    Darn 50 character limit :/
  8. I'd love to trade weather, believe me. I'd love to be back in the nice warm air.
  9. Wow, well I hope it warms up there soon, of course if it's warm there, then that means it's going to be hot here, so i'll trade you.

    I do indeed love a good rain, but not when it's cold out.:/
  10. AH~ I see.

    The weather is........... cold. The north is terrible. I hate cold. OTL At least the rain feels nice at this time of the year.
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