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  1. I didn't watch the recent Gundam Seed series sorry for that...
  2. why? that anime not good?
    I have not been watching ... so I ask for it on other people ...
  3. Nah,Asagi I'm just too lazy to watch Gundam Seed Zero!
  4. why you not watching it?
    too busy?
    but, if you are too busy, you should rest first, then continue your work again. This suggestion from me
  5. YEAH! It was Gundam Seed Zero................But I didn't watch it cause i don't have time for watching it
  6. if you get on the latest Gundam seed ...?
    if not wrong the name "Gundam seed zero"
  7. Yes I do! I Love Kira Yamato but I hate the most Shinn Asuka! That damn bastard is wrong on accusing ORB UNION!
  8. you do, I am very happy to meet with people who have the same hobby with me...
  9. Yeah! Even in my friendster account! the song in background is Eternal Blaze!
    i love Gundam Seed too! Especially Kira Yamato and Mwa La Flaga[Cause they are both cool!] and I super hate the most character in GS Destiny is Shinn Asuka!
    Shinn didn't know who killed his family and wrong on accusing Orb Union for killing his family!
    Shinn is sick as hell as Light does!
  10. you really like Gundam seed ...
    I also love, especially cagali
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