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  1. Congratulations beast...on being an Elite Member^^
  2. hello how has it been, forum has seemed dead for awhile./
  3. thanks...beast...
    I have been bit thinking of it^^
    and our my calssmate teacher in jounalism said my poem are good and have it publiseh in our school paper.....
    and 2 of my girl classmates think I'm in love witho someone(that is really really right!) when I haved them read on my pomes...
  4. You are getting a bit better in terms of style. You have tended to do interesting things with the beggining of the poems and using anaphor but you need to focus on making your lines shorter and more precise.
  5. hey beast,...<<<
    What did you think about my poems lately?
  6. much much better than your poems are beast..
    Well I'm just starting this time and the poems here are helping em uch to develop it...
    Your poem are great and well wrote^^
  7. Yes I have read your poems and as an artist you are really developing. What do you think of the ones I have posted in the regular poetry forum?
  8. what did you think about it?(My poem actualy?).................
  9. Yes I have read the poems. They are interesting. How you spell certain words and how you place them is unique.
  10. Did you see some of my poems? I've all ready posted some of it^^
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