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  1. I love my GF but somehow im begun thinking about her.
  2. Yeah that might work so you will feel better after that.
  3. OK! I do a poem about what i feel this day..........
  4. Well then just don't worry about it and think of something that makes you smile.
  5. Yes! when I tried to sleep im thinking it everytime i tries........
  6. Alright then so you not having a very good day is that it.
  7. its probably personal so i wouldn'y say it here...and hard to say infact..
  8. So whats going on is something wrong whats up you can tell me.
  9. Yeah I haven't here for a while......Im sad now...........>_<[sobs]..
  10. Well hey dude whats up how you been haven't seen you on in a while.
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