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  1. I have a good thing about this June's POTM and I've send you a PM to criticize my poem for the june's POTM
  2. Dude, you've forgot your own game though.......OCUH!
  3. Okay cool. You go first, but like don't do it on anime 'cause I don't know what you're talking about.
  4. HEY!<Emo lets play This or That Game of yours> <>>>>!
  5. HEY!Emo Rave got banned in AO,I was wondering how he get banned?
  6. Im saying Dude lets play your game.. cause Im bored to no end that time!
  7. ok cool, but like i dont know what your talking about on your last response
  8. HEY!Dude let's play This or That game.^^ cause im bored now.!
  9. AH!Ok Dude i remember it^^_0 i edited that one it was to big for a sig!
  10. the pic in the PM you sent that you said you wanted in your sig.
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