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  1. is ok... hey are you asking me about my favorite anime and song....
    because I have some!
  2. thx radeclew^_^ XD: thx for that^_^ amd oh by the way what is ur fave animes and anime songs?
  3. I was a little high when I wrote that!... I don't think you ask me anything!
    but I think I was asking you about your nick.. and I ask what did you receive?... yes am a stoner dude!
    how ya doing!
  4. i thought i told i forgot my question.........sorry radeclew>_<[asking forgivenss][sobbing]
  5. you didn't gave me any answer......but what was your question?
  6. ow........awtzzz sad 2 say radecelw i`ve forgotten my question>_<
    sorry..........i`ve forgotten it ready>_< and if you remember my question 2 you will you comment it 2 me?
  7. so what did you receive?<-------- am asking because am curious ....
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