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  1. Geez,Thanks rade for that..>>>
    But im willing to save our relationship..>>
    I loved her so muhc[so does she!!!]..>>>
    Will it be a Happy ending?
  2. well dude if she's ignoring it.... and you think is all right.... you better not make a false move around her..... chicks tend to bring old fights into new ones....... so be careful
  3. Ok rade..>>>
    I forgave her but she didn`t mind or[she tottaly ignore it.?]..>>>
    We can`t what chicks sometimes thinking..>>>
  4. what! dude you know that's what we do, wen we go outside..... we see all the chicks that pass right or left of us..... am always a
    but seriously dude go outside,...oh did your GF forgive you yet?
  5. HAhaha[laughs continously]
    your so funny rade...>>>
    You are also horny[just joking around dude]...>>>
  6. hjahjhajhaj ok dude don't get yourself get bored...... when I feel like that i disconnect myself from the net..... go out and have some fun.... go see the
  7. Hehehe.......>>>
    Just what i thought..>>>
    Im just sooo bored when im regestiring in AO^_^
  8. ohhhhh so... well how ya doing receiverofhell!.... wow that was a long name!
  9. ok thanks rade...>>>
    that could help much in my problem now^_^
  10. I didn't gave you any advice, I was just typing shit here!

    don't thank me for nothing...... now what's the real problem?
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