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  1. oh rade your...>>>
    wrong she cause our problem..>>>
    and thx for the advice..>>>>
  2. well dude it depends, what kind of trouble you guys are having.. if it is a about a fight, and you want to get back with her, tell her you're sorry, don't matter if she was wrong, women like to know they are right, and they never apologize, so apologize and that's it...
    but if the problem is other thing, tell me and I will see what I can do to help out!
  3. ok,thanks rade for that..>>>
    I have problem with my GF right now...>>
    Can you gave me some advice bout it??>>>>
  4. hajhajhaj that's ok .... you where just trying to trow more wood to the
    never mind dude, we are here to have fun, no to fight, with fake
  5. ok..ok... ok i gonna stop confusing you rade and sorry also..>>>
  6. no.... I don't remember being fighting with someone here!.... why who is the one you're talking about.... and stop confusing me with that... i don't fight with fake people!
  7. AMF..!!>>>
    you don`t remember a thing rade...>>>>>
  8. i don't know who michna is, seriously dude...... and let alone I don't remember a fight!

    link me to this michna person!
  9. ah rade!!! don`t you forget that you had a fight michna cuz she didn`t reply????
  10. who the heck is michna?..... and settle down?....WTF!.....are you high?
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