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  1. so sorry to hear that....... but Dude answer my question.... what is fishy about me?
  2. yep im sick for 6 dayas.....but now im feeling okay^_^
  3. by the way am fine too....... if you're sick go to bed or take something.
  4. fishy about me? .
  5. bout rade are u fine or something is fishy bout u?
  6. goddamn it!I still have headache up to this know!im kinda feeling umcomfortable this past fine now but still some splitting headaches sometimes
  7. hello? .
  8. that's good to know..... say.. something weird happen to me last night.... i wanted to log in here, and the page was missing... that didn't happen to you?
    I hear Asians women are very
  9. yep ma a filipino as well as michna abd my girl%_%
  10. hello there stranger
    a filipino?
    ma favorite color is gray!
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