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  1. I don't understand what are you saying or its just me?
  2. have you seen it, then?.......................just asking.
  3. I love them both and you know what Its just natural for me to love music and stuffs..
  4. let me know what you think about it......i often love underdog stories.
  5. G, thanks I will check it out...Thanks! rematche! Arigatou!
  6. hey...check this out...
  7. was a great trilogy. with new animations and new additional story lines, what more can you ask?
  8. Really? and then it is great to watch?(I love to see all the trilogy films remake of Zeta Gundams)
  9. yes i have and here are the trilogy's titles: heir to the stars, lovers, and love is the pulse of the stars.
  10. i was wondering if you watched the trilogy films of Zeta Gundams like the Heirs to the Stars i think that is the title
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