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  1. Life is about music?
    I love music, I just dont have a favorite. =]
  2. <<<SheesH>>>
    Oh well Sadistic it is your life...
    That's life what is about!
  3. XD I know I wasent much help. lol
    I like alot of animes, but my current favorite is Death Note.
    and I dont have a favorite song. XP
  4. Thanks for that Sadistic..XD!
    SO what's your fave anime and anime song?
  5. No I dont think so. XP
    But you can look for it.
    Im sure something has it.
  6. SheesH...I thought I can read it online.....(I WANT IT ONLINE!)
  7. Oh I didnt know that...
    I dont know where you can read it online...Im sure you could buy it online.
  8. Oof..
    I'm living in Philippines(sorry for that)
    I said where i can read it in Internet?(what site??)
  9. Oh ok. =]
    Well you can get it at the library...or buy it at a common bookstore. (Borders)
    Its only like $9.00 I think.
  10. Nope, I didn't read Evermore(I'm asking ayu where I can read it) XD
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