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  1. Hiya mate how has ur day been and wat r you doing just now
  2. -picks yo up-dont you dare -smackes you in the face-
  3. *stares at Sasuke-kun and then smacks his face with a pile of rubble*I do!
  4. -looks at you-what the hell was that for-pings ur ear-
  5. You need to slacked off sometimes Sasuke-kun*abruptly-rampages and then smacks Sasuke-kun-on-head
    XD XD DX D D:
  6. ok-smiles-have fun ur game bye receiver of hell -laughs-
  7. I'm fine Sasuke-kun...
    Well if you have questions just ask me and I'll help you.....
    Well Swhoosh!(I gonna play Garena for now good bye Sasuke-kun)
    Well create an intro thread and let everyone you are in the house of AO!
  8. hey how are you im sasuke uchiha of the uchiha clan
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