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  1. I'm okay with the truckloads of visitor message from you. =^_^=

    Just keep it going, in case you want to ask ANYTHING. XD

    But really. Gundam Seed is certainly one of those Gundam shows that I don't love...
  2. I know Dude GS is one of the greatest of Gundams in entire history of gundam series!
    Sorry,Dude if I message you alot...
  3. Easy with the visistor messages. XD

    Anyways, Gundam Seed, eh? You should know, out of all the Gundam series, Seed is really one of those that I personally don't like. That's just IMHO, though.

    Anime songs? Oh, boy! That's tough! There's a lot to choose from. I think I needed time to think about it. Hehehehe.
  4. HEY!Shiryu whats your fave anime anime songs +AMV songs?
  5. Did you like my new avi? I loved GS much!
    Its a riot in my shop hahha Xd joke!
  6. Cause were both filipinos in here so I wouldn't intimidate us in AO!
    What is your fave anime and anime songs + AMV songs?
  7. Of course I know all about that. XD

    But thanks for the reminder, just the same. XD
  8. Shiryu in AO english is the only allowed language!
    I have my concern in you^^
  9. Yeah.Dude when i first saw your name Saint Seiya cam into my mind^&^
  10. Good to hear that someone's also a fan of Saint Seiya here. XD

    Meaning to say, you already know whre did I get my name here in AO?
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