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  1. I guess your right beauty....
    I love anime songs j-pops j-rocks or so whatever it is.........
    but Im gald that god gave me this favoritism..^
  2. awesome i loved them so r u more in to the jpop music???
  3. The link 2 is Eternal Blaze-Nana Mizuki it's the Op of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
  4. woh love the songs oh yeah?! i do have a youtube but i did not get the link 2 your's can u send it agen please???
  5. I love all the songs og the series...
    So here's 3 of my most fave songs there is!
    Akatsuki no Kuruma-Fiction Junction Yuuka
    Akatsuki no Kuruma-Fiction Junction Yuuka

    Eternal Blaze-Nana Mizuki

    Shinkai no Kodoku-Houku Kuwashima

    Click the links above and listen to it^_^
  6. If you have a Youtube account...
    You can view my account and see my faves and playlist there...
    If you want to I'll give the link
    So here it us then^_6:
  7. oh so thats what he is from ^^ok cool and what amv is it that is good????
  8. If you the anime..
    You know who is he.
    Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed series.
    Hey like that anime to and loved it + then songs are great![Even the AMV is great]^_^
  9. hey receiverohell i like your new avatar who is he ?????
  10. You can be helped out by anyone[especially by the MODS and ADMINS]....
    You can sought advice....
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