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  1. hey zoo! This receiverofhell.I've read previous messages for you and I'm happy for you.I hope you'll lived your married life happily.
    Best Wishes, my dear friend
  2. hello. I know that my friend gave you this account so I just wanted to say hi. Hi. lol
  3. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  4. Hmmm...seems quite alot have changed wth you two but your are friends that is a good thing after breaking up...
  5. hey I'm back. srry I haven't been on. summer break. anyways me and him are friends but he is still annoying.
  6. So are you saying you gonna settle things up with him zoo?
  7. yep. but he was like okay whatever. and I just hung up the phone. would've said it to his face but didn't c him yesterday
  8. BWAHHAHHAH! sounds like you really hate him don't you zoo?
  9. yeah I know. I actually called him Hitler. XD lollololololololololololol
  10. WTF!? with your bf anyways that's just a like Hitler dictatorship with me...
    and WTH!? even to breath is just annoying and iriitating...
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