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  1. yeah I know. He always told me what to say, how to argue, how to breath even! ugh he is just so annoying!
  2. Serves him right cause He always thought your a robot not a human...
    What you did is right Zoo..
    What's up lately and How's your day?
  3. I broke up with Jordan because he was being a dictator and always telling what to do and say and all that junk.
  4. Maybe you should talk to him and settle things down?
  5. hey. I want to ask you something. My bf invited me to go to the pool with him. and then he went and changed his plans saying that he isn't going. he was going to let me go there alone. I dodn't find this out from him, I found this out from 2 of my friends that he told. Now the queston is, should I break up with him? This isn't the first thing he has done that was wrong to me.
  6. HEY!Zoo i created another account and the anime is ZeroLord so can you pass my poem
    and name it for my new account?
  7. I don't want too cause I don't have any Ym account or whatever it is!
    I tried to retrieve my pass..and I'm waiting to receive the message!
  8. I have a better idea. I delete your account and then you create a new one.
  9. HEY!!!! ZOO!!! I forgot my pass on your site!PLEASE GET ME A NEW ONE!
    OR AT LEAST>...I want to know what happen in the site!
  10. I'm fine zoo[actually my head is aching]...
    I've got a bad feeling starting last week..
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