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  1. I know what you mean. Do you now where I can get mew mew power manga scans for free? I went to mangafox and onemanga but they don't have them
  2. Long time no see/talk in here Zoo...
    What's new is my avi....
    and I always watch CG r2 @ and[but AniStealth can't offer full time watching of Anime cause its only a 72 minutes of it! I hate that stuff!
  3. hey. long time no talk! how are you? Anyways, what's new?
  4. Yeah!I know it too....I post my poem on your site the ones with the lines"The world is full of hatred"
  5. I am christy and living-animal. those are my names on there. I am trying to get rid of the bakground image. ugh, but it's not doing what I want!
  6. Zoo! you joined here 1 day after I joined here^_^ +0_0+
  7. HEY!!!!!what's your name in manganime? my name is the same as here!
  8. You didn`t watch the Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny series much???
    Have you???
  9. Hey!!!
    Rabanastre your wrong this not a DUDE this a total SHE!!!
    ang have the same life like you[refraining to Rabanastre]
  10. never heard of it. why are you under surveillence?
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