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  1. Well
    Try this one now!!!
    Shinkai no Kodoku-Houku Kuwashima
  2. haven't heard of them
    greatest song eva! well it's not the best
  3. OK[peace!!]
    Settle down will you..!
    Meteor-TM Revolution
  4. no. I just tease all of my friends but in different ways. i have a dry sense of humor, so what i think is funny other people don't
  5. But that doesn`t make any sense[Err... are you high?]
  6. cause technically ur one of my friends and I do that a lot. so yeah
  7. Ok i wasn`t mad at you at all...
    hey why are you teasing me anyway?
  8. good point. I was just saying that in a teasing way. calm down.
  9. HELL NO!!!!
    i don`t even like you and NightWish is one of the greates bands[hust listening to its song 7 times a week isn`t bad]
  10. LOVE NIGHTWISH! GREAT BAND! but sometimes it seems you like me.
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