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  1. just wondering and curious to you know...
    End of All Hope-NightWish
  2. but why??????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????? and no.
  3. HEY!!!
    you are now a Com.Member now[aren`t you happy]????
    and just wondering if you have a BF now??[just curious]....
  4. hahahahaha! I am a com member now! anywho. why were you wondering if i had a bf? I have to no.
  5. Hey why i became first com member than you???
    [I just kinda wondering why this happend huh?
  6. Ok....
    It was too personal to ask but i gonna answer for you only[and you won`t tell it to anyone]got it???>.>>>
    I have a GF in real life and i was super sweet with her...
    I loved her and so does she
    She is the very first one to be my GF...
  7. no. but I was wondering do you have a gf in real life?
  8. I was asking you in real life and i was asking you also..
    DO YOU HAVE A BF RIGHT NOW???[i was inly asking so don`t get mad at me]....
  9. helllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo? btw, what's ur real name, age, color of eyes, hair, skin. And why did you want to know if I have a bf?
  10. well, on ao or in real life? on ao, I'm supposed to be going out with secret lover but he's never on so Idt were together anymore.
    In real life, this guy wants to date me but I'm not for sure if I will date him again. it ended so bad last time.
    so no. but I might have to check with secret lover about the dating status.
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