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  1. HEY!!!
    Zoo this kinda personal..
    But i was curious so i gonna i ask you this...
    DO you have a BF???
  2. sweetness. the stupid thing won't say I'm a common member. I got 100 posts, it's been 30 days. and it's ticking me OFF!
  3. I was fine but the date was 3/13/09 and it was FRIDAY THE 13TH....
    I sucked in all of my classes today...
    But it was all gone now....
    I feel fine and im talkening to my GF right now....
  4. just saying hey. I'm fine how are you?????????????????????
  5. hey what are you talkening about zoo?
    Hey how are you today????
  6. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyy
  7. HI im 13 yrs old and an anime/computer/Private servers MMORPG addict..>>
    Thanks for the accept..>>>>
  8. How old are you? I'm 16. thanx for the added!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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