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  1. yah pretty tighti will prolly like anime like forever and stuff
  2. O ok.... somebody 35 on haere? thats cool the love of anime is a great thing. ages doesn't matter.
  3. no i havent but thats a good one.i jus became friends with a dude thats 35 on here!
  4. yep yep i'm 20 your 15... i got 5 year on you, but it's cool tho... you know the saying..... "never to old to watch and love anime."
  5. dang your 20?!your an old fart Haha jus kiddingno really.well your around 5 years older than me so when im 20 u will be like 25.which is completely random...OH i have the answer to your question kimmybear!sweet tea is made of water and some other stuffyou can thank me later.c ya!
  6. thanks you for adding me, nothing much going on, how r u doing n nice to meet u Chris i'm D. or simply redjoker
  7. Hey whats up?my name is Chris or anonymous whatevrthanks for the request
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