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  1. Was wondering how is the new PS2 one? I didnt get it cause it went from 360 to PS2 I mean thats degrading, I was like wow wtf? Lol I am okay with Burst Limit, the highest I got in survival mode is 83, which was hard as hell, and I cant make it to 100, my favorite character in burst limit is Teen Gohan SS2. Yours?
  2. YES sooo much got all the one that been out for the ps2 n got burst limit to. how are you at the DBZ games?
  3. Oh, I was never a street fighter fan, and I played the first .hack when it came out but I was about 10 years old and I found it really hard then so I gave up, but I really liked being Kite, so I made a character in Phantasy Star Online named Kite. :P Oh im not much of a street fighter fan but I do love DBZ games, do you? :P
  4. i have played the 1st four dot hack games that came out n i played n beat the gu games as well. i been playing street fighter 4 for the most part tho.
  5. Oh yeah, I played and beat the other two, otherwise its pointless to even try and understand 3. I really liked both 1 and 2, and I hope for 3 to be the best, I just got to put more hours into it, but iv been playing other games, and im renting some gamefly games soon too. How about you?
  6. cool. have u played any of the other dot hacks?
  7. Ah I see thankyou. I love the game and story so far, very good stuff, greatest series iv ever played, im a Haseo lover big time, I like PKK style. School time, later.
  8. O ok your not that far from it at all really. you will be there in no time. how you like the game n story?
  9. I am at the Arena when you see that one tournament guy use some kind of AIDA power.
  10. going to have to fight ovan, then you will get it. but where are you in the game n I can tell you if your almost there or far away?
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