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  1. I feel you on that man. that love of anime is strong. how many years have you watched and read anime?
  2. both i read and watch it i am a true anime fan for a reason
  3. nice I can see by what you put.... Do you read the manga for them or just watch the animes for all of them?
  4. me i like naruto ,tri-gun,chobits,wolfs rain,d.n angel,vampire hunter D,bleach,and so much more i love alot of anime
  5. lol will do..... what you like to do? n what animes do you like like to watch?
  6. zhills florida and really? tell her she has a clone rofl woot woot
  7. lol you remind me of a girl I work with.... she say woot woot a lot. i'm good kjust enjoying the sun today. where you from?
  8. me i am awsome and you^^? i had soda of the Pepsi verity and it made my day woot woot lol
  9. mmmm never meet him before....... how are you tho man?
  10. you remind me of a kid named dan smith or gignger as they call him
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