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  1. oh yeah where you moving? and y are you gonna move to?
  2. i work at a deli called glen-gene. n i'm getting ready to move.
  3. what do you do bro i want to know? yah tell me what you are doing?
  4. o ok sorry been working a lot. wat u up to days ?
  5. Hey bro ive been on you wanna talk sometime send me a pm i can talk there ok man later
  6. ok bro im sry about that i just have alot on my mind been thinking alot about this girl bro.... she means everything to me. well bro have you seen toradora!? well if you havent you should i love romance in an anime and in this one htere is 2 things in it i like fighting but not much enough and alot of romance you just have to follow it alot. ThePalmtopTiger is the main character her name is taiga aisaka and she is in love with ryuuji also know as the Dragon. well if you dont like those kind of animes well its ok i really do like them tho what about you? and when you get a chance watch it its very good to me as well.
  7. nothing just playing some games chilling. What kind of anime you like man? also y didnt u talk we would talk?
  8. i love it dude i met the woman of my dreams so this is a great place. sure thing man i didnt think i would ever talk to you for some reason so whats up?
  9. Nothing much cooling and taking the nite. thanks for being my friend how u like ao?
  10. whats up bro how are you man? sure ill be ur friend
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